Charles Addams
Name Charles Addams
Kanji チャールズ
Romanji Chāruzu
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 4

Charles is Thomas's cousin.


He is a man of average height and has normal hair and has a beard and mustache. He is dressed in heavy armor and has a cape and has wield on his side.


Charles is a man who likes to think highly of himself and prefers to work alone. However, he does not mind doing things dirty such as waiting for Thomas to get the proof of leadership first then stealing it from him.


Charles, like Thomas, wanted to be the next leader of the Addams family and so set out for the proof of leadership. He met Thomas and the Party on the way to the Addams family's tomb. After waiting for Thomas to obtain the proof of leadership he attacked Thomas and tried to make off with it. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Banpaa and Toutan, members of Ayakashi, who were there for the proof of leadership because they were ordered to find all the treasures in the world. Later he would try to steal the proof of leadership again only to be struck by lightning since the proof of leadership can only be held by the leader.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Charles is an average person who is capable of ordinary human capabilities.

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