Name Iwazaru
Kanji イワザル
Romanji Iwazaru
Age unknown
Race Monkey
Rank C
Gender Male
Type of Adventurer Fighter
Affiliations Behemoth (former)
Manga Debut Chapter 17

Iwazaru is a member of Behemoth.


Iwazaru has a mohawk and wears a bandana over his mouth. He wears a tank top and a leather sleeveless jacket.


Iwazaru is usually cool, calm, and collected. He barley shows emotions.



He along with Kikazaru and Mizaru were all orphaned monkey's that were taken in by some woman. One day she

Iwazaru as a child.

saw an orphaned Keel so they adopted him. And from his and his two brothers perspective Keel supposedly killed her.

He first appear with his team after Lavi returns home. He hits Kikazaru after he starts overreacting. He starts beating up Stately guards, Blue shows up and he and Kikazaru try to hit him but are bested. Mizaru then holds Stately hostage, while Blue was distracted Iwazaru grabs him from behind.



  • Iwazaru is based off one of the Three Wise Monkeys Iwazaru, which represents speak no evil.
  • His bandana has a X on it which represents speak no evil.

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