Komeji "Rice Old Man"
Name Komeji "Rice Old Man"
Kanji コメジ
Romanji Komeji
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Kome-Jii is the best information broker who lives in Shiton.


Kome-Jii is a man who prides himself in his work. He is also very secretive with sharing information seeing how he made it so that only he can read the information on his rice grains. He is also shown to be a little greedy. When he first met the group he said he hasn't eaten for a while and the asks them for sake.


Kome-Jii is an old man whose head is shaped like a rice grain. He wears an outfit that average elderly Japanese men wear including a waistband and a shirt and pants.


Kome-Jii and Pannacotta were once a couple however that ended due to them having a dispute of what to eat for breakfeast, rice or bread. This resulted with them breaking up.

After Blue leaves the group upon theire arrival at Shiton Town they meet Kome-Jii, The self-proclaimed #1 information broker in the town, on the brink of starvation. After treating him to a meal the group accompany him to retrieve a treasure in Old Town of Shiton. In the sewer they meet Blue who Kome-Jii already recruited to look for the treasure. All of them are then attacked by the monster, Twinsnake. After defeating the monster it is revealed the treasure box contains nothing but rice. However, on the rice are information that Kome-Jii has written down. Kome-Jii then provided the information about what they wanted and pointed them to the directions of Siva's "master."

Kome-Jii is later seen telling them to go meet Pannacotta.


Though not strong physically, Kome-Jii is strong in heart and mind. Among his many rice grains he is able to pick out the right grain containing the information asked with ease.
  • Gomeji's information on Siva
  • Gomeji's Treasure
Some information are so scarce that he considers them invisible. Examples include Siva and the 4 Sacred Treasures.

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