Sunshine City is the current whereabouts of where Siva's master resides.


Sunshine City is just north of Shiton Town. The city is the place where the legendary rock singer Elvis created the Magic Melody that Monster Users use today. It is a place where monsters and human live peacefully as Monster Users come to this place.

The place was where Siva's master, Judy, and her companion, Shiro, lived out the rest of their lives. Judy unfortunately died from old age and Shiro later went under the guise as Siva's "master." On their first meeting Shiro scared away a couple of thugs and greeted the Party kindly. They accompanied him home and it is here that he reveals he is actually Judy's monster companion and that Judy is dead. He also reveals that he knows about the 4 Sacred Treasures and has one himself from his travels with Judy.

At that moment the group was attacked by more Ayakashi members and one of the Shikyou, Kurokiri Setsuna, himself who were there for the treasure. Setsuna disposed of Blue and Keel with ease and was then confronted by Shiro only to result in the same outcome. Lavi then healed Blue and Keel and together they pushed back Setsuna. However, Setsuna was merely injured and was finally going to get serious in fighting them. Shiro again intervenes and tells Setsuna to take the treasure and leave them. Setsuna insiste on killing the entire group, but this time Shiro prepares to unleash a blast so powerful it would get rid of anyone and anything present. Threatened by Shiro's tenacity Setsuna and his fellow members retreat with the treasure.

After healing from their injuries Shiro and the party leave the city to find Sarah in hope of becoming stronger.

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