Twin Snake
Name Twin Snake
Kanji ツインスネーク
Romanji Tsuin Sunēku
Race Twin Snake
Rank A
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Twinsnake is a creature that the party fought during their time in Shiton.

The Twinsnake is a A-class monster who is capable of eating rock as if it was a snack. The monster is hidden under the sewer of Old Town Shiton. The creature was also responsible for eating Gomeji's "treasure." It was irritated at the fact that Blue and Keel totally ignored them. Angered the Twinsnake tried to kill the two only to be ultimately defeated by them and resulting in Gomeji retrieving his treasure box full of rice grains.

  • Snake Gun
  • Snake Twister
    • Something to think about

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